Okay, so this happened apparently... // Taggin' Time 😀

I was all happy and excited, because I'd just gotten a wordpress account and was stalk- I mean, reading Kendra Lynne's posts, when I saw this. 😲

I just got the account /today/.

*Sighs and picks up pencil*

I.. technically /did/ sign up for this.. Oh well. 


Thank the person who tagged you.

Make a picture for the tag-post.

Tag three people. 

So, Thanks Kendra! 😃 

1- How do you decide what a character will look like in your stories?

Hmm.. I don't really. I just think about their character, what role they're meant to play, and sort-of do it off that. I'll give an example:

One of my characters, Dominic, has been searching for 13 years to find someone. He's a vampire, the son of Dracula. He's a bit harsh at the beginning. He has never really liked his parents, and the feeling is mutual. I can't /really/ describe clothes, but he has tangled, uneven and wild hair, red eyes he keeps an umbrella with him at all times, as vampires can't go out in the sun.

2- Do you get excited when you read the descriptions of delicious food in books?

Not particularly.. I don't think I've read many 'food descriptions' in books...

3- Do you smell books?

Umm... That's /slightly/ strange. Only reason I said 'slightly' is because I've heard weirder. Trust me on this. If you want to know, let me know and I'll (try to) tell you privately.

But to answer the question, No. I mean, new books do smell nice, but I don't really smell them.

4- Tell me about one scene from a story you’ve written that was based on something that actually happened in your life.

Oooh.. Tough one.. Lemme go searching... None in Epsilon... None in I am Angel, none in(one of) my unnamed story(s)... *Cringes* Okay. I have. But, it's from a really bad story that I started to post on here.. This is so bad XD But, here it is;

 “Your thinking about it again..” I hate how she can mind-read. My name's Ralraymee, I live in Oshida, which is a world beyond yours. You can probably imagine some of the stuff in it, like Unicorns, and Drakkons... But some you can't. And they are too hard to describe, so I'm not even going to try..

The girl who just spoke? She's Jasminmin, my second eldest sister. She's 13. My sort-of twin sister is Allythefirst, and I swear I saw a Faerie* doing her chores. My eldest sister, Slisby, always in her room,(That means extra chores for me, Ally, and Jas. Just great!) Tinkering with something.. She's always wanted to go explore the stars, but she never tells me why.. Anyway.. I'm folding the clothes (We have a lot of clothes, most of them are hand-me-downs from our mother, Ynga, who can seem to sense what you are doing and when you are doing it. It's like she can see the future!)
“I am not thinking about it”
“Yes you are”
“No, I'm not”
“Stop Fighting again!” That was Ally. She's a peace keeper. Believe me, if she wasn't here I'd be living in the forest with the unicorns. “Yeah, your disturbing my Tinkering!” That was Slisby. She hates noise, and it looks like she even hates this planet. I think that's why she wants to leave. “That's not what I meant! Mother is taking a nap!” Shouted Ally... “Then why are we still shouting?” I asked.. I mean, why were we still shouting when mum's taken a nap and someone is shouting to tell us not to shout? I'm confused.. No one shouted after that.. I love how I'm the most logical out of all of them.. It's funny how they make hasty generalisations and things like that. “Done!” I said and laid the last of the clothing in front of me.

Phew I thought I just hope Ally's made breakfast. If not I'm toast.. What? I wasn't thinking properly, I was hungry!!

If you couldn't tell, I got that idea from folding the washing, so it started with the MC folding the washing.
*Cringes, then continues with the tag*

5- A character you’ve created that you absolutely abhor.

*Googles abhor*
Ah.. Um.. I don't think that's ever happened to me, like, I've /disliked/ characters at a certain stage of their growth (Eg; Coal - Seasons and Tjaizlah - Idk what it's called yet.. Slisby Halp, you know what I'm talking about.. 😄) but never a character I've downright /hated/

6- If you could have one of your characters as your sibling, which would you choose?

Ooooh.. Tough one. /Not/ Winter.. Maybe.. Alaska? (Alaska North from another WIP I have☺)
Umm.. OH! I know! Liliana (That's just her name because Idk what to call her) from one of my monster stories.

Yes, I know; I do a /lot/ of things with Magic, Monsters, Mythology, Science, that kinda thing..

7-  What would you be like as a villain?

*Gasps and then grins*
I would be the most evil cheeky villain who would kill everyone with Tackle-hugs! 😁

8- Tell me all the reasons you like pizza.

It's Pizza.
It tastes good.
Mooving on.

9- What type of tag do you enjoy doing the most?

Ones with fun questions, like this one 😁

10- What kind of a scene in your writing do you find the hardest to write?

Oooh. Um.
To be honest? I don't really know. I haven't written /every/ type of scene out there, eg; deaths (Yet), So I'll have to come back and edit this post when I think of one.

I'ma tag..

*Takes deep breath*
Kendra (😛)
And anyone else who wants to do this tag 😃

Woops. Kinda blew it on the 'three people' thing. Oh well 😛

Your questions are:

1. Who's your favourite Author?
2. What's your favourite book? (I know I'm mean; I'm only letting you choose one 😛)
3. What's your favourite writing quote?
4. What do you do when you've run out of ideas at a crucial moment?
5. What do you do when you get Writer's block?
6. What does writing mean for you?
7. What makes you continue to write, even when things get hard?
8. How would you cope in your MC's toughest moments?
9. Can you give us any snippety snippits? 😀
10. What do you do when you've (finally) finished your book?

Oh. Wow. That didn't take me as long as I thought it would. Anyway, that's all from me today. Buh-bye! 



  1. Awesome job on the tag!:)
    And I love your answer for' what would you be like as a villain?' question.


  2. Great answers! I really enjoyed reading them.
    I smell books; just so ya know... XD
    Aw man... I should have seen it coming. You tagged me back. :P
    Oh well. No big deal. This'll be fun. XD

    1. Thanksie! :D
      ...Apparently, a lot of people smell books..
      XD Yep! :D

  3. *picks up pen slowly* Don't worry. I'm adding this to my list of tags-to-do. XD (Seriously though, I actually do have a list. XP)

    Great answers! This was interesting to read. *nods*

    1. Thanksi! :D (Also, that's awesome xD. I just do them the day I get them :D)

  4. Loved your answer for number seven xD I can definitely imagine that happening! ;D

    1. Aww Thankie! :D xD Also, thanks for telling me how to do the pages! :D

  5. Hey Ral (it's Psy, we share the same account), I've done your tag! That's also the second time I've done it this year. I really enjoyed it!

    1. I'm so proud of my big brother! *Tackle hugs*

  6. YOU TAGGED ME AGAIN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? *FAINTS* Oh well, I needed a blog post anyway. ;-D
    I loved your answers, especially the villain one. XD

  7. By the way, Ral; if ever you'd like a new design for your blog, I would love to do one for you (for free. right now I am just trying to get experience and maybe someday I'll charge , but it is not this day).
    You would just need to contact me on my 'contact me' page on my blog and we could work out the details. Some examples of my work are the new design on Mem's MMMandM blog, and my own blog's new look. :)


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