Le Shorteth Storyth

Hey Guys!

Okay, so, I know I said I wouldn't really do short stories anymore,


I did a Friday Freewrite - something I've mentioned in another post, and I decided that the first part of it was a pretty good short story.

So, here you go!


I looked at the green door which had just appeared in the side of a hedge. I peered through its heart-shaped hole. Surely.. it didn't lead outside? But no one had been outside in centuries! I tried the handle.. it was unlocked. I glanced around; I wanted to be sure that no one was around to see me. If I was seen, I could die for supposed witchcraft. But I'd done nothing.. hadn't I? I looked back at the door. Maybe I should just leave, I thought. After all, if I was caught anywhere near this thing, I'd most likely be put to death. And even if no one saw me except Abigail or Janeth, I would be severely punished. If I just left, I would be fine. Right?

Mart Dump (Get it? Cos it's March..? I'll leave now)

Hey Guys! (I don't know why this is in the middle but I'm just gonna roll with it) This is my.. Wait what month is is? *Bleep* This is my March post! An art dump, but only with three pictures. Sorry xD So.. Here ya go!
(NOTE: Three of these characters are NOT mine. The girl in the second picture, and the other two girls in the third picture are NOT mine.)

For more info on this precious bean, see the last picture .D.

Haha, this is from a roleplay me and my friend do.. My boy is the one on the bottom, and her girl is on the top.

This one took me, like, 8+ hours. RIP. But I love these girls! .D. The reason why the shy girl on the far right (Adley - my girl) has loads of tattoos is that one of her super powers is she can summon anything she draws as long as it's close by.. So she drew on herself.

So, Yeah! These are my pictures for now..

For now..

I'll probably post another art dump soon (Or more pictures at least)

So, Yeah.



(If you have any drawing suggestio…

More of the Funehs

Hey guys!

I thought that, because they were really popular last time, I would do more funny stuff! So here some are!


Mum: *opens the Blinds*
Me: AHH NOO HISS THE LIGHT IT BURNS *Rolls off the bed onto the hard wooden floor* *Stays there for a bit, then bursts out laughing*

Video: *Makes a Pun about Kelp*

Psy: Friggen was the curse word used by the ancient norse
Me: That's Helarious
Psy: You sure know how to dress Loki
Psy: We're Thorrible

[Plotworld]Friend1: Where are you friend3
[Plotworld]Friend2: In the nether.
[Plotworld]Friend2: Lied.

Friend: If this is about last night, this is stuipid

Mum: Why does my mouse feel funny?
Me: Maybe it's having a silly day?

Dad: D'you wanna hear a story about a dying mobboss?
Psy: You mean Grandad?
(Grandad was not actually a mobboss)

Psy: Dad is a boy
Psy: But Mum is a /man/

Little cousin 1: Bang! You're dead Psy

Oh my goodness, is it a Tag?!

Hey guys!



Even though I don't post much.

Thanks Slissy!

Alright, here we go:

1. How many books are too many books in a book series?

If each book is a different adventure? About Five. *CoughCoughBrotherbandCoughCough* But, if the same story continues through the whole series, as many as they make!

2. How do you feel about cliffhangers?

I love them, except when you're forced to wait for AGES until the last bit comes out and/or you find it at the Library.

If you love cliffhangers, read The Last 13. It's a relatively good series, but there are soo many books and the books are so short.

3. Hardback or paperback?

I like both, but we usually get paperback.

4. Favourite book?

*Internally screaming*

These are the ones that come to mind;

Princess of the Silver Woods - Jessica Day George
Appendix Man - Angus McNeil (First ever Aussie Superhero!)
A School for Good and Evil - Soman Chainani
Percy Jackson - Rick Rioden.

I can't think of any more atm, I don'…

Drawing stoof

Hey guys!
Here's an art dump! I recently took photos of, like, 35+ of my hand drawing, so I'm gonna pick my favourites and put them up .D.
So here we go!
(This is based off of an idea I had .D.)
(Sorry this is blurry!)

(Ahh! Overrals! So cute <3)
(This is me!! .D.)
(One of my favourites)

(So cuttee!!)
(Okay, so this is one of my Roleplay Characters, Nova. She has a really tough time in the story - Her father left when she was two, her wrist gets broken by the baddie, the Baddie says he'll kill her like he killed her father, he almost kills her mother, etc. She's a Mutant - A Half-animal person, who has powers and stuff. Her Mutant is a Kitsune Fox, meaning her powers are Spitting lightning, shooting fire out of nine tails and illusions.)
(This is Izzy, from the same story as Nova. She's a bubbly girl and she's really happy, although her "Power" is bad luck. She can hone it occasionally, but most of the time bad things just happen to her. She's used to …

Hello!!! I'm Back-ish! And I have an idea!!


I'm sorry that I haven't posted for a while (Understatement of the year), BUT!

I have a new idea.

One that could maybe revive this blog.


Okay, so as I (think? I) said in the last post, I'm not as inspired to write as I am to draw. I don't really want to be a writer anymore, but I want to draw / write comics (Or Manga).

And so it comes to this.

My idea is, that I will draw the characters you guys submit! (If you want to. You don't have to, it's just a suggestion so that I get a little more practise and so that you guys get a picture of your character! .D.)

So if you want to do this, the information I will need is;

-And any other info you can think of (Like Personality, clothes and theme-song)

Like I said, you don't have to do this, and if you don't, that's Oki .D. But I don't really have anything else to put up here, other than short stories and I don't really write them at the moment, lol.

So, Please …

Funny Stuff and Notice!

*Peeks out from my hiding place*
I'm sorryyyy! I haven't been on for ages, and I didn't really do anything during camp Nano (Including just talking), but we've been REALLY Busy lately, with going away a couple of times, having people come up to stay three times, starting to go to Art and Shakespeare every second Wednesday, and I've been dedicating a lot to my Drawing recently (I might put up some stuff later .D.)

But anyway, I'm really sorry I haven't posted for MONTHS! I've just.. kinda.. lost inspiration. Like, I do enjoy writing, but I'm currently enjoying reading & Drawing /more./ And we've been really busy, so I mightn't post for a while (Again, I'm sorry!)

But to make up for it, I think I have Sufficient funny stuff to post.

What do I mean? Let's go back in time for a minute..

So, ages ago (Like, a year or so ago) I read These two Posts (Post1, Post2) and decided to do something like it, cos they were really…