Funny Stuff and Notice!

*Peeks out from my hiding place*
I'm sorryyyy! I haven't been on for ages, and I didn't really do anything during camp Nano (Including just talking), but we've been REALLY Busy lately, with going away a couple of times, having people come up to stay three times, starting to go to Art and Shakespeare every second Wednesday, and I've been dedicating a lot to my Drawing recently (I might put up some stuff later .D.)

But anyway, I'm really sorry I haven't posted for MONTHS! I've just.. kinda.. lost inspiration. Like, I do enjoy writing, but I'm currently enjoying reading & Drawing /more./ And we've been really busy, so I mightn't post for a while (Again, I'm sorry!)

But to make up for it, I think I have Sufficient funny stuff to post.

What do I mean? Let's go back in time for a minute..

So, ages ago (Like, a year or so ago) I read These two Posts (Post1, Post2) and decided to do something like it, cos they were really…

Short story Numba Five .D.

Sorry guys, I keep not doing it and forgetting ;-;

But Hey! This is the next story!

I'm just gonna back up a bit, this story has a story in and of itself.
(Okay, I might've had to do it for school. Mum asked me to write my own myth and or folktale, so this is what I wrote .D.)

And now that that's done, here's the story! .D.

My own folktale; The Miners Once upon a time, there was a group of Miners. They were very good friends, and they always had a good time, which made other miners envious.
After a hard day’s work, they liked to sit in a Pub. This is where our story finds them. Do you see them there? The Five friends. They look quite Barbaric, but I can assure you that they are not. The one with the heavily smashed glasses that are, somehow, staying on his face, is the reader of the group. He knows more than the others, and educates them, much to their annoyance. So, there you have it. They are not Barbarians after all.
And yet.
This story is about to prove that sentence…

Short Story Numba ta forth

I am so sorry.

I have not posted on here in a couple of weeks (even though I said I would) Because I honestly forgot. I'm really sorry.
To make up for it, I'ma gonna give you the next story - see if you can find out which one it's sequel to ;)

I ached everywhere.

A ringing filled my ears.

I heard muffled voices. One of which I recognised.


I opened my eyes as much as I could. It took a lot of effort. I smiled. Jake always managed to find me, and rescue me from trouble. I closed my eyes and relaxed. The memory of what had happened flowed back to me;

“Welcome home, Tori.” The man had said. I gasped. “Surprised? I wouldn’t be. You know why I’m here.”
“I’m not going with you,” I growled. “I made that mistake before.”

“Ah, but you see here, Tori.” He took a small thing out of his backpack. It was a little black box with a button. My eyes widened when I saw it. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and opened them again.

There were the numbers.

I tried to break the wires. He lau…

Short story number the third o-o

Hey Guys!
So, I was Slightly panicky, as I had no inspiration and had no idea what to write, and then I decided to listen to music in order to inspire me.

This is the song I listened to.

My original idea was waay different to what I actually wrote, but I still think it's really good (And really sad). It's also my second(I Thinks) time writing from a Boy's perspective. So.. Yeah .D.

Here 'tis! .D.

(This story doesn't have a name yet, as I has no idea what to call it)

I tore through the crowd, the weight of what had just happened heavy on my heart.
  Would I ever see her again..?
I pushed that thought out of my mind and ran as fast as I could to the place where the explosion had taken place. People were running and screaming the opposite way. Soot and dread filled the air, mixed with death.
  Then I saw the place of the explosion.
Everything had been blackened by soot, and there was fire still burning. Heart pounding, I started to shift some of the metal debris left by…

Short Story Number the Second.

Hey Guys!
So I was working on this new idea I have for a story, and thinking about what to write for my Short stories and then it hit me:
I could write one of the Character's backstories as a short story for you guys.
So, That's what I did (I had to name him first). It's a bit Bittersweet, but it's good (I think). Here it is:

Jonathan’s backstory

“Be Careful, Jonathan!” Mum called out.
“I will, Mumma!” Jonathan tore through the forest, laughing gleefully. He didn’t know where he was going, but he didn’t care. He practically flew around and around. Then, he stopped.
Standing in front of him was a little, blue person. “Smurf!” He cried out in glee, and reached to pick it up. The ‘Smurf’ vanished and appeared a little far off. Jonathan ran to grab it. It vanished again, and again, and again.
The last ‘Smurf’ Appeared right next to a giant, golden, swirling thing. He went to grab it, but something tripped him. He toppled headfirst into the giant golden swirly thingy. He sc…

Short Story Number one! Yay!

Hey Guys!

So, according to your guys' reaction to the last post I did, you really liked the idea of the short stories!
(Which is even better since I had a sudden inspiration from a new song Psy discovered)And here is the end result. (I'm sorry if it's not that good - I had to try writing from a boy's perspective from the first time ever, so I'm sorry if it's terrible)

Tir na nOg. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw it; a blue spirit. It was quite short, but it was beckoning to me, a smile on its face. I hesitated. I knew what they were. The Wil o’ the Wisps were mischievous spirits, that were said to guide some to a great treasure, or certain death. I look back at the school behind me; I had no friends, I was orphaned. What was one more friendless orphaned boy to the world? They’d stopped caring long ago. I followed the wisps. As I walked, I wondered what they would show me. I’d explored every neck of these woods. I knew it off by heart. I’d had friends as a ki…

Snippets! Woot woot .-.

Hey Guys!

So, I've been working on two stories - One my "A Child of Merlin" Story, one you'll see soon 😉 and I decided to put some snippets up for my Merlin story. So, here they are! .D.

We walk into the central square. It is where the ceremony begins. I am excited, so much so that I'm sure that I've given it away. “It is time, once more, for the ceremony.” The Mayor, who has been filling in for the King while He's a child, calls out. “I will call out the Noble member of the Court's name, and they will be Chosen. Merlin!”
I grin as my friends gasp, shocked. “That's what I couldn't tell you.. Sorry.” I wink at them. “Tristan!” It's my turn to gasp, as above Tanner's head appears a symbol. One appears above Mordaze's too. It looks like he is the newest member of the King's Court. “Lancealot!”
Layne stands there, stunned, as the Symbol appears a…