SEND HELP PLEASE!! (Chocolate) (Yes?)

Don't you think you're over exaggerating a little?
Me? Over exaggerating?! Never! I've just.. never seen or been inside one of those things before..
Yes, you have.
What? When?!
Remember the Cat Monsters of Canaraba?
Oh, right.
Anyway, *Ahem* Hey Guys! You /may/ be wondering what that was about.. yeah.. um.. We got stuck inside a small carrying, bumpy thing for a couple of hours! It was terrifying!
Well, /I/ managed to get comfortable.
Yes, you did, with your head stuck between my body and the seed bowl. I never knew your head was such a small triangle. 
Anyway. We also have been put in a giant black thing. I have received word from my very, secret sources-
We saw them putting it together and overheard them talking.
-That it's apparently our new home. Anyway, enough of that. We have a small challenge for anyone who wants to participate, but we understand that it's NaNoThingy month, and don't mind if no one does it. We would like it if one (or more) of you wrote abo…

What happened?

Okay, so first off, I'm gonna apologise for not being online for twelve days. I'm really sorry, and I do have a good excuse for it.

Before I continue, please go and read this post then come back.

So, we (not so long ago now, but at least a month or so ago) got a new JOB!! Then, like, a week or two later we got the first house we applied for!! And THEN...

Our internet didn't come on for twelve days.

So that is my excuse. This is only gonna be a short post, but I have a couple (Including posts about Books and Animals) planned. Please let me know in the comments if there are any tags I've missed or haven't done yet, or any posts you think I should read! I'm sorry again I've been absent, and wish I could've come back sooner :|

So, yeah. I'll be posting a lot more as we settle in.

I'll see you in the next one!


Entropy! // A Few Snippets

Hey Guys! Sorry I've been M.I.A for a bit. I thought, since I haven't posted for a while I'd give you some snippets, like what happened after Antara got kidnapped! So, Here ya are!

Then, I heard a boy, roughly my age – fourteen – whisper in my ear. “Will you stay quiet if I take my hand off your mouth?” He whispered, and I nodded eagerly. He slowly removed his hand and as soon as it was off- “HELP!” I screamed, and he slammed his hand back over my mouth, but the damage was done. I heard my friends cry out in alarm and their footsteps, pounding against the cobblestone. “What should we do?” I was startled. Apparently there was another boy there, roughly the same age. “Um, explain to her what's going on?” Was that a girl's voice? I think it was..
“Heh, when has that ever worked in the past?” The first boys voice said.
“Well...” The girls voice said quietly. ________________________________…

Entropy // The Boy mains (I'm sorry if this is terrible, I tried XD)

Okay, if you haven't read my last post, go read it, then come back to this one.

I decided to Tackle the boy ones (Or at least Blaze), because reasons and I still have no idea who Xavier is and this might help me work out who he is and why he exists. (All of these characters are 14-16 through the stories, by the way(Including the ones I did yesterday I think? Okay, just the other ones I did :D))

So, First one. This is the Second Main character, Blaze.

(I failed at this one so bad T_T)
Blaze is one of the most /interesting/ characters to write. I'm debating whether I should tell you his secret or not... Nah, I'll let you guys find out :D

Blaze is often quite mean, but don't dislike him, he's trying his best the only way he knows how. He's known of the Shards almost all his life, and he used to be quite happy.

Until one day that changed his life forever.

But cos I'm mean I won't tell you what happened >:D *Insert Evil Laugh*

He and Antara are my favourites…

Entropy // an Introduction to the Characters

Hey Guys!

I figured I'd give you an introduction to the characters of the book I'm writing for NaNoWriMo (More about that later)

First Character (Cos she's the second least developed out of the four): Rose.

(Wow, I actually did a collage and it was actually good! o-o)
Rose is a bit of a silly girl. She looks for the good in everybody, and almost nothing can bring her down. Her personality type would be ENFP-A  and I think it's really awkward how we (almost, mine's a -T I think..) have the same personality types, even though we're different. Don't be fooled by her cuteness, she is pretty good with shards, and can handle up to three or even four Fallax members at a time. She can be tough when she needs to be, but she's mainly soft and kindhearted, (unlike someone you'll meet later on..) Her flaw would probably be that she's too trusting of others.

Her theme would definitely be The Heart of the Wilderness by Antti Martikainen

Quote: “I know it can be …

Indigo's Monthly Writing Challenge: October

Hey Guys!
So, I think I'll probably be doing this every month (unless there's a theme that I don't like or don't know how to do) and I encourage you all to do the same. If you do, I'll share the brownies with you that I baked for Indigo (Don't worry Indigo, I have a loooot :D)

Anyway, on with the story!!

Just a quick warning; this story's not gonna have a happy ending, like allll of my other stories, because the theme is Halloween, but I might write a second one, just because it's so interesting XD

The Night of the Dead.
I woke up. It was late morning, and Halloween began tonight. I shivered; Halloween wasn't normal in this town, the town of Mors. Centuries ago, in 1692, a witch cursed the town. She cursed it so that every night, on Halloween, the monsters would come out. Wanting flesh, blood and bones. It always began at night, at six pm. Everyone had to be inside by then, otherwise they'd meet an unbearable fate, worse than death. As a teena…

We're back (Much to my displeasure) (Be Quiet, Custard!)

Hmph, another one of these?! I thought we were listening to our slave read a book to us, like we can understand her language!
That's Later, Custard, Have you /seen/ how much someone wanted to see us?!
Anyway. Hey Guys!
*Sighs* Custard.
*Completely forgets people can hear him* Look, they wanted us to do another post, so I thought I would talk about our super hero past.
You don't care either way, do you?
*Shrugs once more*

Before we became household pets, we Guinea Pigs lived peacefully in the land of Animali, along with every type of animal out there. It was a bit like the documentary 'Zootopia'. 

That wasn't a-

Anyway, when the humans - I mean no offence by this - came into our peaceful land and started to kill all the animals, we decided it was our job to stop them.

But, one killer comes in the silence; Old age. I have no idea how old we are, but we're old enough to have to stop fighting crime.

So, we ended up as household pet…