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Wip Status 2: Seasons.

I know I know; Two posts in one day, but I reeally want to share this with you as it's so Amazingly hilarious that I couldn't not share it with you.

Yay it.. still.. Fits.. Huh.
I'll do a new pic later.

Man, it is SO much fun introducing a character who is a baddie but no one really thinks much of him. XD.

Anyway, Here are some snippits:

 “Looks like it's Autumn's first battle with–” The commentator drew the word 'with' out as long as he could “– Silver!!” The crowd cheered, and I somehow managed to hear a 'Good Luck!' from Summer. I smiled.
“Listen Girlie; I don't have much time for you. I got some revenge I wanna dish out.”
I walked up to him.
“Good luck.” I said, smiling.
“Keep it; you'll need it.” he said, an evil look on his face.
“May the best warrior win.” I backed up and waited for him. I knew something that he (probably?) didn't; the first person to hit is generally the first one out. He charged and I just stood there. He landed an uppercut so hard it threw me into the air, jaw ringing. As I fell back down, he landed a kick in my chest that knocked me into the wall. Not the hedge wall, the actual wall of the stadium.
“Give up now and I'll let you join my team, girlie.” he called. I climbed off of the wall and walked over to him.
“Man, you're a sucker for punishment, aren't you?” He landed three more blows, knocking me back a little. He threw punch after punch after punch, but this time I dodged. All of them.
“Have I won yet?” I called up to the commentator, but he was busy. That seemed, for some reason, to make Silver more angry.
“Looks like Silver's using his spellkeep! He'll need it in order to win this incredibly weighed fight!”
That must've been what threw him off.
“What the hell?!” He yelled up at the commentator. That's when I punched him. He flew backwards into the hedge. “You little–” The crowd cheering tried to knock out the incredibly rude word, but I heard it. My eyes started to flicker black, same as my vision.
“Look's like Autumn's using her spellkeep! Silver's done for!” the commentator yelled gleefully.
“What the crap?!” Silver yelled.
Everything went blackish purple.
Until, that is, I heard someone yell something.

“Please! No!”
My eyes opened back up and my vision cleared. I was standing over a bruised, battered and bleeding Silver with my sword in hand, as if about to end it. Permanently. I dropped my sword and my hands flew to my mouth, eyes widening.
 No.. Please, no!” August yelled. A boy.. The person Professor Jones had called “Mr. Black” was standing over him, smirking.
“This? This is my revenge. According to my spellkeep –” he gestured towards his neck “– I'll always get the revenge I want as long as the person I'm fighting is more powerful than me... This has been fun, August, but I'm afraid it's over for you. Forever.” He raised his sword high just as my eyes blacked out.
“Snap out of it! Autumn! Autumn!”
“Autumn what the –” I decided to block out this word. “– was that?!”
I heard footsteps and my hand went cautiously to my sword. They sounded like someone had made them angry, and was now storming off in frustration. They were about to round the corner when I heard more footsteps and a voice.
“Tracy, Coal says to come back.” Voice 1 said.
“Why should I, Diamond?! He insulted me!” The second voice, apparently named Tracy, replied.
“He only said you should be careful not to kill them.” Diamond replied.
“I was!”
“They're half dead, the nurses said so.”
“Well, that's not entirely my fault, is it?!”
“You were the one who kept beating them after–”
“You girls coming?” A boy's voice yelled. I assumed he was Coal.
“Yep!” Both girls yelled in unison and they ran off.
After we were sure they were gone, Silver muttered “Some people are normal, some are weird, some are insane.”
“Which are those girls?” I asked him, smiling.
He grinned and replied “Neither; they belong in the fourth category; Psychotic.” I laughed, but it suddenly died away when I heard a scream.

I know, some of them are long, but most of them are hilarious. Let me know which one is your favourite! (Personally, I like the last one)

That's all for now, See you! :D
Tell me about your WIP in the comments below! I always read them <3

Am I just copying other blogs now?

Now that's over and done with, I just wanna say that Slisby did this first and she's amazing.


Art dump Time! :D
I managed to get one of my MC friends
To describe herself, and here she is :D

A Lycanthrope, or a Were-wolf girl
I basically thought: "I'ma make her
angry. Now I'ma make her a
were-wolf! :D" xD

Now, I have one more I think... Ah, here it t'is
I was inspired by Alex from
Magnus Chase (Rick Rioden)
for this one.

So, If I manage to get anymore on me computer, I'll let ye know!
Chat to me in the comments below! I always read them <3

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Wip Status

*Is bouncing up and down with excitement*
So, Before I start, I wanna thank Jane for this idea. She's amazing.

So without further ado..

Yaay it was big enough!

Okay, so I may or may not be making sense. What I'm doing is every now and then I'll put up a status update for one of my (many) WIP's. Sound good? :D

This WIP I'm doing is called 'Seasons' (Because I have no idea what to call it :P). It's about a girl named Autumn and her sisters, Spring, Summer and Winter.
I'll give you guys an idea of what's going on in the story and then two snippits, sound good?

Well, There is a tournament called the Proelium Tournament (Latin ;P) in which four kids from every school who each specialise in one of the four sections (Combat, Logic, Creativity and Stealth), are put together on a team and told to face every other team. But this year.. there seems to be something going on behind the scenes...

Enough spoilers. Time for the Snippity Snippits! :D

“My children, it is time for you to earn your spellkeep. Come up to me when your name is called, my children. Winter, come forward please.”

I hacked and slashed at the dummy. Mother's words seemed to sting more than usual.

“Winter. The month you were named after is cold and harsh.”
“Just like her.” Summer whispered to Spring. Spring giggled, and Mother con
tinued, earning them each a stern look.
“I give you the power of ice. Your spellkeep is a snowflake.” 
Winter dipped her head and Mother put her Spellkeep around her neck, as is traditionally worn. Her spellkeep was on a silver chain, which sparkled in the sun. On it, was a beautiful snowflake. Winter nodded her thanks and stood back in line.
“Heck yeah! Who wouldn't want to fight to represent our school in the Proelium tournament?!” The Proelium tournament is where every school picks four students, preferably students who are good at one of the four sections of the school (Combat, Logic, Creativity and Stealth) and who can preferably work together. I knew my sisters were competing, but I didn't know if I should.

“I don't know.. Like, I don't think I'd do-”
“Don't you dare say what I think you're going to say.”
“What I think you're going to say.”
“Ha-ha. Not what I meant and you know it. -"

Sorry, that's all I can give as I've only really written two pages. Feel free to expect another Update. Maybe when you least expect it.. Maw ha ha ha ha >:D

Let me know about your WIP in the comments below! I always read them <3 :D


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Tagged... Whyyy...

Oh great. I guess I can't escape tags for too long XD
Yep, I was tagged by the lovely MiddleEarthMusician  with the "Of Rising Authors" Tag. Hey haven't I done that before? So, let's get straight into it. (I'm going to refer to MiddleEarthMusician as Mem from now on because MiddleEarthMusician is a handful to say)

Will add in pic Later (Maybe. Don't be surprised if it's years later and I still haven't added a pick. :P)

She didn't mention the rules in her post so I'ma just do it

1.       Do you listen to music while you write?
Depending on what Genre, yes. Sci fi, YES. Otherwise? Not really
2.       If so, what genre?
Depending on what Genre I'm writing. Sci fi = Dubstep. Fantasy = Antti Martikainen's One Against the World. I've only really written Sci fi and Fantasy, so..
3.       What song do you think is your WIP’s theme song?
hmm... Which Wip? I'm going to go with Symbiote. Umm.. A load of my Wip's I can't think of theme songs, except for One Against the World.. I'll get back to you on this one. (Maybe)
4.       Who is your MC in your current WIP?
 In Symbiote there are two MC's and four secondary Mc's. The two Mc's are Heidi Jones and The Purple Symbiote and/or Jack.
5.       What is your favourite scene you’ve written in your WIP?
Umm.. That WIP I haven't started writing yet, so I'm going to assume it means all wips and have to go searching for one. Oh wait. Hang on.
Anhu pulled his dagger out as Epsilon approached. He lifted her up by the neck as if she were a doll and cut her lip, then started to choke her.
Cries such as “Somebody stop him!”, “Please, don't hurt her!” and “You-” ran through the crowd. The Raiders laughed.
You can't do this! You-You're a monster!” Betty called through the crowd, much louder than the rest of them.

The Raiders were still laughing. “I can't do this, eh?” He said, taunting her. “And besides,” He drawled gleefully, “who's going to stop me?” He dropped Epsilon to the ground. She laid there, motionless. The Raiders roared with laughter. The villagers couldn't believe it. Epsilon was dead.
6.       What is their deepest, darkest fear?
Once again, switching to Epsilon for this.  Their fear would be her friends finding out who she is. Even though, they do eventually.
7.       Do you enjoy writing from children’s, teen’s, or adult’s point of view?
Ooo.. Tough one.. Most of my character's are Tweenies (eg; 10,11,12,13), but I must say I like writing from a kid's perspective.(Have done that before)
8.       Do you prefer writing first person or third person?
First person because I like depicting myself as the character.
9.       What writer would you say handles action scenes the best?
Tough one. Rick Rioden does well at it. I can't think of many books when I try to. For some, unknown reason. Micheal Scott does well, too.
10.   What is the best book you’ve read on writing? Who is it by? (I know; double question.)
*Gasps at the horror of a double question. Shrugs it off*
Ooh.. Um... I haven't really read many.(I'm going to assume snippits count) BUT I think Jasmin, Jane and Slisby win.

Phew. Man, this has taken me two days to write. Granted, I was sick yesterday.

Okay, scratch that^



It's day 12 of writing this post and I /really/ need to post it. And I /still/ haven't come up with the questions. XD
Okay, I'm gonna do it now

1. What's a strange thing you do while writing?
2. Any funny writing stories? if so, please share.
3.  What's one of the worst things you've written? Please share
4.  If you could meet /any/ one of your OC's which one would you meet and why? (Double question :P)
5. What's one of the best things you've written? Please share.
6. Who's your favourite Author?(And yes; you can say yourself if it's true XD)
7. If you couldn't write for a WHOLE DAY *Gasp* What would you do?
8. If you were a knight in shining armour, which of your characters would play the roles? (eg; Dragon, Damsel in distress, Horse, ect) and how do you think it'd play out? (Double double question :P)
9. How do you think your story would go if the roles were reversed? (Eg; Villain was MC, Minion was sidekick and so on)
10. (Phew, last one) If you could pick a character from ANY book series (Can be yours if you wish), Which one would be your best friend? (Have fun with that xD)

It's Taggin' Time.
Jane, Slissy, Jasmin, Mem(A-ha!), Quinley... Aand I would tag more but I don't know if they know my blog exsists ;-;

I'm (Finally) Done!!! *puts on Music and celebrates*

Au Revior!

(P.S. Mem. Right back at ya :D)

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#WIPjoy is spreading.. and now it's come here... Apparently...

*Gasps in horror at the title and forgets people will be reading this*
Welp, I knew it had to come sometime or another... I knew it had to come.. but why, why now.. *Yells* Whyyyyyyyy!!!
Yep, this is the first hashtag I've ever done. *Flails in horror* Welp, I've managed to keep it up for a good-... Ahahahah no. Not sharing my age on here. *continues to flail in horror*

After a good amount of Flailing in horror, I'm back. *Realises I hasn't said Hi yet*


Now that's over and done with, let's get on with #WIPjoy.

Question time! (Apparently)
Do I have to do all o' them?
I'm just gonna do the ones Slisby and Jane did.

1.Describe yourself and your WIP
Ah... Which one?
Since that question is left unanswered, I'm going to go with Epsilon from, well, Epsilon.
I... Cannot describe me XD. I'm /very/ Bouncy and happy, I'm very social and I /love/ Writing and drawing, Minecrafting and reading. I'm very determined and I always try to do the right thing. I love God and I know he loves me.

She's /very/ secretive, heck, one of the subplots is finding out who she really is. Or at least, it's interesting for the readers to try and find out anyway (Hint hint :D)

I think that's done

2.Your 1st inspiration for this WIP
A dream.. Yep
I shan't go into it as it was quite weird at the time and completely different (worse) than what I've got now. So.
Moving on

3.Would you rather: Get trapped inside your story for a week, or let the antagonist into your life for a day?
Inside my story. For the win. At least if it doesn't prove much, Epsilon/Delta/Alpha would have taught me how to fight.

4.What would your MC be like as the antagonist?
So, Epsilon would (still) be very secretive. She wouldn't tell anyone anything at all. She'd also be corrupt and wouldn't hesitate to kill her own soldiers if they got in the way.

5.A line you nailed perfectly
Yes! I love this part:

She did not want to forget them, as you would not want to forget an old friend, one who once cared for you and loved you when you were lonely, one who once played with you when no one else would and made you laugh when you were sad.
She just couldn't bring herself to do it. Not now.

That is literally the only one I can think of. Oh well.
6.Choose an ideal reading spot, food, drink and music to go along with your book.
Oooh.. Tough one:
Reading Spot: In one of those windows that you can sit on the window ledge with a cushion. That's where I wanna read xD
Food: Ooo.. Umm.. Any food that's tasty xD
Drink: Hot Chocolate. Definitely.
Music: Oh.. Umm... I have one idea. Brunuhville's Song of the North, and even that doesn't sum it up real well.. Probably Antti Martikianen's One Against the World(Be warned for your ears and make sure your music isn't to loud)

7.What's something your still figuring out about this WIP
How to write it well.
Well, actually, I think I'm doing a pretty good job. (At least, I hope so XD)
So.. Not much

8.Would you rather: Have tea Hot chocolate with your Antagonist, or be stuck in an elevator with your MC for three hours?
I'd have to go the Elevator. Why? Well... let's just say I don't wanna become undead/corrupted.

Huh.. I finished.. *Realises is still writing in bold* Woops, better turn that off. That's better.

Now go for it and tell me allll about it. Leave a link to your post beloooow! :D
All questions:
Welp. I guess this is Goodbye!

Au revior! (Until next time... >:D)

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Oh my Goodness AGAIN!!! XD

AGAIN With the Wisteria Writing Tag!!! XDXD

(And Yes, I finally did a picture and Yes I found it online and stuck some writing in. :P)

*Sigh* Let's do this before I start Procrastinating...


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Answer the ten questions asked.

3. Add ten (writing or book related) questions of your own.

4. Nominate people.

Thanks Jasmine!(You know why... Our secret plan is working.. >:D)

Alright, Let's do this...

1. What was the closest time ever your character came to perishing?
Uuumm... (Still doing Epsilon by the way.) Probably when she fights Omicron at the end or when he randomly turns up out of the blue wanting a fight

2. Was your character close to his/her parents or were they very distant?
Epsilon's parents died at a very young age... Who killed them is a spoiler.

3. When was the last time your character felt scared? Like they couldn't do anything- helpless!
Uumm.. I don't actually think she ever did.. *Makes mental note to write that in*
4. What would your character do if they lost the ones they loved/cared for?
She'd be in a boring world and probably kill the main baddie
5. What are your stories stakes at this moment?
Not much... Epsilon's life...
6.  Your Character's friends are all jumping off a dragon. Would your character do it too?
First off, they wouldn't do that. Second, if it were to save said character's friends life, then yes, she would. Otherwise? No.
7. The villain has won. What become's of your character(s)?
Dead, Dead, Dead, Undead/Corrupted. 
8. What does your character want? Instead, what does he/she actually NEED?
She wants to turn Omicron good again even though there is no hope for him.
She /needs/ to Shatter his cursed dagger so she doesn't.. you know... DIE.
9. Say your character has a pet, what would it be?
Baby Dragon Drakkon (WHEN Will I learn that in my book it's Drakkon not Dragon!!!!)
10! You character needs something done imminently, but they are trapped in a cave. Wait, there is someone on the other side who can help your character! What would your character say to them? 
She'd probably tell them to go do the thing that she needs done, then come back. While the said person was gone she'd try and bust herself out. Then, when the said person came back(Hopefully Lotus.. Ha.. Haha... ha... Lotus is from another of my stories by the way), they'd work together and free Epsilon... This wouldn't be the first time she's needed to escape and a friend came to her rescue (Spoilers)

*Bangs head on desk* Question time... I enjoy answering the questions, but not coming up with them. *Realises has a headache now*
... *Times self again*

1. Do you draw your characters? *Hint Hint*
2. Is there some strange thing you do to help you write? If so, what?
3. Is there a time you've been interrupted while reading/writing and gotten so bored of reading the same thing over and over again? If so, what book?
4. Does your main villain have any special 'connections' with the main character? (Eg; Epsilon, Star Wars, ect)
5. Is there a time you've never seen a plot twist coming and it surprised the living Daylights out of you?
6. 3 worst books you've EVER read. 
7. 3 BEST Books you've read.
8. Your character and their friends have to go on a looonnnnggg journey. Monsters attack. What does the main character do?
9. One of your favourite things you've ever written
10. (Last one, phew *sighs with relief*) Your character has the opportunity to kill the super-ultra-evil-villain BUT. He's unconscious, he doesn't have a weapon, He's severely wounded, someone else beat him up. Would your main character Spare him (For now) or strait up kill him?
Bonus question!!! (Only Slisby has to Answer)
Did you like the Plan me and Jas made in order to get you to do a post before August? XD

Okay, Nominatering People Time!!! :D
Slisby!! Jane, Jasmine(Ah-ha!), Jess and Psy

Au revoir!


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I can't believe it!! I got tagged again, this time with the Wisteria Writing tag!! :D

So.. Hi... *stands there awkwardly* Uh.. I'm sorry I haven't been here since May... uhm..

On with the tag! (Before it gets too awkward :P)


1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. (Thanks Sarah/Slisby. Slisby/Sarah's blog.)

2. Answer the ten questions asked.

3. Add ten (writing or book related) questions of your own. (Which I'm probably going to be bad at...)

4. Nominate people. (I know who I'm gonna nomiate... >=D )

1. Tell me a bit about your current story? :D (Who are the characters, what sort of struggles do they face-- anything really!)
My story (Well, one of them) Is about a girl named Epsilon who can't remember the past... *Forgets how long* Hang on.. *Remembers never wrote it down* Uum.. She can only remember the last three years of her life.. and then her friends (from her past she can't remember) turn up... 

(Confusing Riddle/hint towards my story: The Villian is the friend.)

2. Do you prefer to write by hand, or just type it up onto the computer?
Computer, I do have notebooks, but it feels like I don't sometimes :P.

3. Do you keep a journal for all of your ideas?
No, But I really, really should do that.

4. When do you find is the best time of day for you to write?
I have No idea whatsoever..  Probably sometime in the Afternoon...

5. Do you have a favourite word? (Perhaps a word that you think sounds pretty cool to say, or an interesting word with a cool meaning, for example.)
Yes (I have a couple, but I'm not going to say all of them on here). Isosceles is one.. Annd I can only think of one more, but I'm not going to put that one on here :)

6. Do you prefer Castles and Dragons or Spaceships and Aliens? (Or- alternatively; Spaceships and Dragons?)  
Castles and Dragons!!! :D:D:D (And Hopefully, Magicians Too!!)

7. What do you do when you fall into a reading slump?
Well, Sometimes I force myself to read, then get annoyed when I have to go to bed and I don't want to stop reading xD

8. First-person or third-person point of view when writing?
First Person, because I always depict myself as the character and play a game of what the story would be. (The longest I've had a story/game without resetting it: Maybe 5 days. Lol)

9. QUICK-- Your character accidentally bumps into your story's most evil villain- WHAT DO THEY DO?!
Depends which evil villain *Realises has been spelling that wrong my whole life D:* :
Omicron: Be Forced to fight him and try to turn him good again.
Unnamed person: DESTROY HIM! (For turning Omicron bad)

10. (Okay, last question now, don't worry :D) How do your characters get along with eachother? (Eg, do they hate eachother or...?)
Alpha likes Gamma (Gamma is a princess) and Gamma knows. Delta Likes Epsilon but (even though it's one of the most obvious things,) she doesn't know. They all like eachother. Oh and Epsilon thinks that The Master is Crazy.

Questions (Oh great. Time to time myself. I just realised I said the word Time in a sentence twice. It now has no meaning o.o)

1. Can you share with us a Snippity Bit of a story you are currently writing/have written?
2. Is there a funny Writing Experience you've had? If so, What?
3. What's your favourite thing to do to your characters?
4. Is there a time you've gotten so angry at something that happened in a book you stopped reading? If so, what book/what happened?
5. What Genre is your favourite to write in? (Eg: Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-fi)
6. What's your WIP Story about?
7. Is there a book you tried to read but got too bored? If so, which book?
8. Is there a time you realised too late you spelt something wrong? 
9. Is there a time you Hated something that you've wrote? If so, please share :D
10. (Last one, phew) How do you get your ideas?
Now now, I said I'd time it. And I did. 10 minutes (It got harder towards Q.7)

I nominate one of my Best friends, Jasmine at Where my wild Heart Grows , Jane Maree (Again :P) At  Maiden of the Misty Mountains. and Psylova at SilverBullet101

Anyway, Thanks for Reading!!!