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Updates an comic stuff!

Hey guys!!

Thank you for the positive feedback; I'm going to go ahead with the comic! It may take me a while to prepare, however. I have to design all the characters, decide what formats to use, etc. I didn't realise until I started to get serious about this comic how bland my characters were, lol. I'm working on it - I want what it's about to be a surprise, but I can put up some stuff that I'm working on, about the main characters...

I'll do that at the end, because I'm evil -w-

So, something else I wanted to discuss;

I'm considering writing short stories again .D. Not like, a few paragraphs long, like my other ones. Closer to one or two pages long. I've got an idea for one I particularly want to do, but I need to find my document where I wrote the idea down. I'll post it on here, if you guys would like?

Oh! Also, I'll still be doing art dumps & requests (Geez, I've got a loott of drawing in the foreseeable future)

Anyway, now for m…