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Chapter 2:

“How long until we are there?” Jas is being really impatient today.. Slisby laughed “Jas you literally just asked me that a minute ago. We aren't far now!” Jas flushed. We arrived there by mid-day, so we where very hungry. Luckily, the fairies and unicorns had prepared a feast and were having a party when we arrived, so we weren't starved. Then we went our own, separate ways. Ally went to play with the Fairies, Jas went to play and ride on the unicorns, and I went to the lake..
On the way, I heard a hissing sound.. followed by a voice saying: “Why fellow there, young, fair maiden” I started to walk faster, I was afraid it was a bandit “Where are you going in sssssuuch a hurry?” I froze. It sounded a bit like a snake.. I tried to remember any stories with snakes in them. Then, I remembered the story about Suul, the Giant snake. He swallowed the clouds and caused droughts. He kidnaps and brain-washes any 'fair maidens' that come his way. He eats anything from piglets …

New story!

So, I'm writing a new story, but the names of some of my minecraft friends such as Allythefirst, Slisby, Jasminmin, Psylova, Ynga, Sisrox, Blackmoon, Small_and_deadly, Codeb1, KiritoWhispa, and everyone else I include in the story, And I'm going to post chapters of it on my blog! So, this is the first chapter:

 “Your thinking of it again..” I hate how she can mind-read. My name's Ralraymee, I live in Oshida, which is a world beyond yours. You can probably imagine some of the stuff in it, like Unicorns, and Dragons... But some you can't. And they are too hard to describe, so I'm not even going to try..
The girl who just spoke? She's Jasminmin, my second eldest sister. She's 12. My sort-of twin sister is Allythefirst, and I swear I saw a fairy doing her chores. My eldest sister, Slisby, always in her room,(That means extra chores for me, Ally, and Jas. Just great!) Tinkering with something.. She's always wanted to go explore the stars, but she never te…