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Another Image(Already!)


Minecraft Photos with friends!

Hey boys and girls! Today I made an image of friends online but with their minecraft skins! Here is the Image and shout out to these usernames and their owners: Ynga Sisrox2005 Bunniesforlife Enderpiggygirl06 TheChameleonCat Asherged and last but not least, PsychOMunki


Hey art fans! Today for English we learnt what a Limerick is and wrote one! This is the one I wrote:

There once was a mum named Autum
And she said "Oh dear hon'
An apple a day
keeps the doctor away"
Said that awesome mum named Autum.

So the mum (who was from Kum) named Autum
Took the daughter to the doctor in Kum
And he said "What she needs is an apple
to keep on to keep on to chuckle"
Said that awesome doctor in Kum.

Here is my mum's:
There once was a cat named Stamp
It was dark and he needed a lamp
he found a small stick
and gave it a flick
then he and Squid went off to camp.

And another one from my mum is:

There once was a man who loved cake
But he didn't know how to bake
He got eggs, milk and flour
And made it quite sour
then he iced it and topped it with flake.

Here are my brother's ones:

Doctor Who once was in Tee
A place in earth's history
But he couldn't fight
he had no might
and he was beat up by Bruce Lee.

Next one:

The Doctor was…

HI boys and girls

Hi boys and Girls And today I want to ask you a question: what is your Favourite movie? Mine so far is Big hero 6 it is soo funny write in the Comments below and tall me what your Favourite Movie is!!

oh and btw I have a new song for you!!!

And a Funny anamation 
Yours truly


I also think from what I've seen Alvin and the Chipmunks the Sqeacle Sounds pretty cool!

Also I'm into Smily faces Like This one!

I like those
P.S. if one of them is Alvin and the Chipmunks I  havn't seen it

Happy new year!

Hey boys and Girls I hope you're Having a good new Year! Hold it hold it!! I will send you a new Video to watch each time I right a post! [starting today] So here is the 1st song

Click here to watch the song

I hope to type to ya soon