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Hey Guys and Gals! I wanna show you a website

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Piet Mondrian

Today's artist was Piet Mondrian. We learnt a bit about him and then made our own version of his art.

His art is red, yellow, blue and white. He uses squares and rectangles. Here's a link to a picture of his art that I found on wikipaintings.

We found this project idea on this blog and did it our own way. I drew with the ruler and a black marker lots of lines. Not diagonal, just up and down and side to side.

Then I coloured in blue, yellow and red and left some white. I also added a trophy on my picture.

Here it is:

Louise Nevelson

I've made another art. I've been learning about Louise Nevelson. Click here to see her wikipedia article. I can't find a free picture of her art, but can do a google image search and see lots of it. She did a type of sculpture called assemblages. 
She assembles wood and other old junk and glues it all together. She makes sure nothing falls off and paints everything the same colour. It look really cool. It's sort of recycling.
So I did a project like hers. We used the idea found here on 'art projects for kids'. Mum made the craft sticks base and we found lots of stuff around the house to glue on. Then we waited for it to dry. I decided not to paint it because I didn't think paint would go very well on some of my stuff and I like it the way it is.
Here is a picture of my art.

I'm going to make my own version again soon.


Do you think this is a REAL house?

It is water-coloured .

First Project

This is my first project for the blog. I found it at DLTK's Crafts for Kids. Here is the link.

I thought this project was great fun. I printed the black and white version and coloured it in myself so I could choose the colours. I had a tough time with some of the cutting out and I used sticky tape because I couldn't get the glue to stick well enough (maybe I need new glue sticks).

I recommend this project to anyone 3 years and older.

Lots and lots of love from


Hey art fans!

Hey art fans! It's Ralraymee's new art-blog. This is we're you can post art. From me Ralraymee bye-bye.