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Le Shorteth Storyth

Hey Guys!

Okay, so, I know I said I wouldn't really do short stories anymore,


I did a Friday Freewrite - something I've mentioned in another post, and I decided that the first part of it was a pretty good short story.

So, here you go!


I looked at the green door which had just appeared in the side of a hedge. I peered through its heart-shaped hole. Surely.. it didn't lead outside? But no one had been outside in centuries! I tried the handle.. it was unlocked. I glanced around; I wanted to be sure that no one was around to see me. If I was seen, I could die for supposed witchcraft. But I'd done nothing.. hadn't I? I looked back at the door. Maybe I should just leave, I thought. After all, if I was caught anywhere near this thing, I'd most likely be put to death. And even if no one saw me except Abigail or Janeth, I would be severely punished. If I just left, I would be fine. Right?