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Miraculous ladybug Solved!?

So, I'm into a new French-Korean show called Miraculous Ladybug. You may or may not have heard it. If not go watch it then keep reading this post. So, you know how everyone thinks Gabriel Agrest is Hawk-moth/Pappilion? (French people please do not tell me off if I spelt that wrong) There is Slight proof of it, I'll show you where it is: In the first origins episode or "Stone Heart," a new kwami (Those things that grant Marinette and Adrien powers) named Nooroo is teaching Hawk-moth about the history of the Miraculous, and that if one person owned Adrien and Marinette's Kwamis (Tikki and Plagg) they would "achieve ultimate power". Said Nooroo. Now just around after that, you see him rubbing a pendant of none other than: Adrien's Mother! Plot twist! More proof is that in the episode "Simon Says" Hawk-moth says that this plan is risky, but he will do it, then we actually see him leave the room, he goes in and out multiple times, and he almos…