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SEND HELP PLEASE!! (Chocolate) (Yes?)

Don't you think you're over exaggerating a little?
Me? Over exaggerating?! Never! I've just.. never seen or been inside one of those things before..
Yes, you have.
What? When?!
Remember the Cat Monsters of Canaraba?
Oh, right.
Anyway, *Ahem* Hey Guys! You /may/ be wondering what that was about.. yeah.. um.. We got stuck inside a small carrying, bumpy thing for a couple of hours! It was terrifying!
Well, /I/ managed to get comfortable.
Yes, you did, with your head stuck between my body and the seed bowl. I never knew your head was such a small triangle. 
Anyway. We also have been put in a giant black thing. I have received word from my very, secret sources-
We saw them putting it together and overheard them talking.
-That it's apparently our new home. Anyway, enough of that. We have a small challenge for anyone who wants to participate, but we understand that it's NaNoThingy month, and don't mind if no one does it. We would like it if one (or more) of you wrote abo…

What happened?

Okay, so first off, I'm gonna apologise for not being online for twelve days. I'm really sorry, and I do have a good excuse for it.

Before I continue, please go and read this post then come back.

So, we (not so long ago now, but at least a month or so ago) got a new JOB!! Then, like, a week or two later we got the first house we applied for!! And THEN...

Our internet didn't come on for twelve days.

So that is my excuse. This is only gonna be a short post, but I have a couple (Including posts about Books and Animals) planned. Please let me know in the comments if there are any tags I've missed or haven't done yet, or any posts you think I should read! I'm sorry again I've been absent, and wish I could've come back sooner :|

So, yeah. I'll be posting a lot more as we settle in.

I'll see you in the next one!