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Funny Stuff and Notice!

*Peeks out from my hiding place*
I'm sorryyyy! I haven't been on for ages, and I didn't really do anything during camp Nano (Including just talking), but we've been REALLY Busy lately, with going away a couple of times, having people come up to stay three times, starting to go to Art and Shakespeare every second Wednesday, and I've been dedicating a lot to my Drawing recently (I might put up some stuff later .D.)

But anyway, I'm really sorry I haven't posted for MONTHS! I've just.. kinda.. lost inspiration. Like, I do enjoy writing, but I'm currently enjoying reading & Drawing /more./ And we've been really busy, so I mightn't post for a while (Again, I'm sorry!)

But to make up for it, I think I have Sufficient funny stuff to post.

What do I mean? Let's go back in time for a minute..

So, ages ago (Like, a year or so ago) I read These two Posts (Post1, Post2) and decided to do something like it, cos they were really…