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Hey Guys!

Sorry, I know I haven't been on at all in the past three (almost four) months. What's happened is;

-I've gotten sick about twice now,
-I also have been hanging out with a bunch of friends,
-I've also also been skipping from one project to the next, cos apparently I'm incapable of finishing/starting anything T~T

But I have an idea.

An idea that may help me actually learn to get things done on time and be super entertaining for you guys.

I'm working on writing and drawing a comic!

I'm not going to spoil what it's about or anything, but I'm working on the story beats, character designs, etc. Hopefully it'll be actually good since I'm not all that good at some parts of drawing, and I'm looking for improvement all the time (sorry if my art style changes a bit, lol.)

So, I was wondering if you guys would like to read it? I'd try to do about 3+ panels a page, one page a month, etc. It may be a leeettlle dark, I don't really know y…