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Oh great. I guess I can't escape tags for too long XD
Yep, I was tagged by the lovely MiddleEarthMusician  with the "Of Rising Authors" Tag. Hey haven't I done that before? So, let's get straight into it. (I'm going to refer to MiddleEarthMusician as Mem from now on because MiddleEarthMusician is a handful to say)

Will add in pic Later (Maybe. Don't be surprised if it's years later and I still haven't added a pick. :P)

She didn't mention the rules in her post so I'ma just do it

1.       Do you listen to music while you write?
Depending on what Genre, yes. Sci fi, YES. Otherwise? Not really
2.       If so, what genre?
Depending on what Genre I'm writing. Sci fi = Dubstep. Fantasy = Antti Martikainen's One Against the World. I've only really written Sci fi and Fantasy, so..
3.       What song do you think is your WIP’s theme song?
hmm... Which Wip? I'm going to go with Symbiote. Umm.. A load of my Wip's I can't think of theme songs, except for One Against the World.. I'll get back to you on this one. (Maybe)
4.       Who is your MC in your current WIP?
 In Symbiote there are two MC's and four secondary Mc's. The two Mc's are Heidi Jones and The Purple Symbiote and/or Jack.
5.       What is your favourite scene you’ve written in your WIP?
Umm.. That WIP I haven't started writing yet, so I'm going to assume it means all wips and have to go searching for one. Oh wait. Hang on.
Anhu pulled his dagger out as Epsilon approached. He lifted her up by the neck as if she were a doll and cut her lip, then started to choke her.
Cries such as “Somebody stop him!”, “Please, don't hurt her!” and “You-” ran through the crowd. The Raiders laughed.
You can't do this! You-You're a monster!” Betty called through the crowd, much louder than the rest of them.

The Raiders were still laughing. “I can't do this, eh?” He said, taunting her. “And besides,” He drawled gleefully, “who's going to stop me?” He dropped Epsilon to the ground. She laid there, motionless. The Raiders roared with laughter. The villagers couldn't believe it. Epsilon was dead.
6.       What is their deepest, darkest fear?
Once again, switching to Epsilon for this.  Their fear would be her friends finding out who she is. Even though, they do eventually.
7.       Do you enjoy writing from children’s, teen’s, or adult’s point of view?
Ooo.. Tough one.. Most of my character's are Tweenies (eg; 10,11,12,13), but I must say I like writing from a kid's perspective.(Have done that before)
8.       Do you prefer writing first person or third person?
First person because I like depicting myself as the character.
9.       What writer would you say handles action scenes the best?
Tough one. Rick Rioden does well at it. I can't think of many books when I try to. For some, unknown reason. Micheal Scott does well, too.
10.   What is the best book you’ve read on writing? Who is it by? (I know; double question.)
*Gasps at the horror of a double question. Shrugs it off*
Ooh.. Um... I haven't really read many.(I'm going to assume snippits count) BUT I think Jasmin, Jane and Slisby win.

Phew. Man, this has taken me two days to write. Granted, I was sick yesterday.

Okay, scratch that^



It's day 12 of writing this post and I /really/ need to post it. And I /still/ haven't come up with the questions. XD
Okay, I'm gonna do it now

1. What's a strange thing you do while writing?
2. Any funny writing stories? if so, please share.
3.  What's one of the worst things you've written? Please share
4.  If you could meet /any/ one of your OC's which one would you meet and why? (Double question :P)
5. What's one of the best things you've written? Please share.
6. Who's your favourite Author?(And yes; you can say yourself if it's true XD)
7. If you couldn't write for a WHOLE DAY *Gasp* What would you do?
8. If you were a knight in shining armour, which of your characters would play the roles? (eg; Dragon, Damsel in distress, Horse, ect) and how do you think it'd play out? (Double double question :P)
9. How do you think your story would go if the roles were reversed? (Eg; Villain was MC, Minion was sidekick and so on)
10. (Phew, last one) If you could pick a character from ANY book series (Can be yours if you wish), Which one would be your best friend? (Have fun with that xD)

It's Taggin' Time.
Jane, Slissy, Jasmin, Mem(A-ha!), Quinley... Aand I would tag more but I don't know if they know my blog exsists ;-;

I'm (Finally) Done!!! *puts on Music and celebrates*

Au Revior!

(P.S. Mem. Right back at ya :D)


  1. Awesome post!:) And I loved reading your answers.


    P.S thank you for tagging me

    1. Thank you for reading! :D

      And no worries :D

  2. YOU DID IT GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
    Hey, you tagged me back? ;-) Okie-dokie, write a post I will. XD

  3. XD Thankie you!! :D:D
    Yep! xD I saw you tagged Kendra Lynne back, so I thought "Hmm..." xD

  4. She certainly did tag me back, haha! So evil she is.
    I enjoyed reading your answers, Ral! :)
    ~Kendra Lynne
    https://talesfromanidealist.wordpress.com note: my blog is private, but a person who goes to the link can request to read it and if I know who it is (through the blogging world or real-life) I will grant access.

    1. Hey Kendra!
      I'd love to read your blog, but I don't have a wordpress account :I I'll work on it. My username will either be Psylova, Ynga or Ralraymee. Maybe auronra

  5. AHH! How did I not see this post?! XD Anywho, good job and I really enjoyed reading your answers :D

    1. Thankie You! :D Also, now you have a September post :P :D

  6. GREAT ANSWERS. *throws confetti* And very nice snippet. *thumbs up*
    I shall add this tag onto the list of posts-to-do. *nods*

    1. Thankie you! *is showered in confetti* Aww thanks! That's one of me favourite snippits.
      Okie Doke! Can't wait :D


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