Drawing stoof

Hey guys!

Here's an art dump! I recently took photos of, like, 35+ of my hand drawing, so I'm gonna pick my favourites and put them up .D.

So here we go!

(This is based off of an idea I had .D.)

(Sorry this is blurry!)

(Ahh! Overrals! So cute <3)

(This is me!! .D.)

(One of my favourites)

(So cuttee!!)

(Okay, so this is one of my Roleplay Characters, Nova. She has a really tough time in the story - Her father left when she was two, her wrist gets broken by the baddie, the Baddie says he'll kill her like he killed her father, he almost kills her mother, etc. She's a Mutant - A Half-animal person, who has powers and stuff. Her Mutant is a Kitsune Fox, meaning her powers are Spitting lightning, shooting fire out of nine tails and illusions.)

(This is Izzy, from the same story as Nova. She's a bubbly girl and she's really happy, although her "Power" is bad luck. She can hone it occasionally, but most of the time bad things just happen to her. She's used to it. Her Mutant thing is an adorable black kitten.) 

(This was based off of a course I did a while ago .D.)

(I'm really proud of this. She's a character from a show I watched at one stage. I'm not gonna say the shows' name, cos it's inappropriate)

(Sorry the Pic's Blurry! She's based off a slime from Minecraft.)

(Sorry if you can't see this one well. It's really light. It's also one of me favourites cos she's so cuute!)

Then, these are some of the ones I've done on the computer! .D.

(I did this a couple of days ago, and I love it!!)

(Me! .D.)

(Me again! .D.)

And last, but not least..

Autumn Season!! .D.

I hope you all enjoyed! (Sorry I didn't write comments for all of them, but there are over 20, xD)

Sorry if this is really long :|

But anyway,

If you want to see your character up on here, please tell me this information in the comments below!
-Speed draw or just the Pic
-And any other info you can think of (Like Personality, clothes and theme-song)

Anyway, that's all for now!




  1. Aww, these are all so cute!! I love your drawing style 😊

  2. AW!!! <3 I love the ones at the end the best. They're so cute!!! And the one with the little fox\wolf ears is so cute!!! You're getting super good at drawing!

  3. HEY RAL!! *tackles hugs* I love your colour choices for the digital art! The eyes are super cute and the shading is looking great. What program are you using? ^-^

    (also, I've tagged you for the 20 questions Book tag! You don't have to do it if you'd rather not, but it's there if you'd like too ^-^)

    1. SLIS *Tackle hugs* Thank you!! I've been using Krita and Medibang Paint Pro, but I'm moving over (Slowly) to Sketchbook Pro.

      (YES SOMETHING TO DO ON HERE-*Cough* I mean.. Sure, I'll do it .D.)


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